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There's no doubt about it - the first page your site visitors see is the most crucial page of your website. If your home page isn't appealing, likelihood are the rest of your pages will never even be seen by your visitors. It helps to think of your home page as the "front door" to your online business. Will it bid ancestors to come in and look around, or convince them to take their dollars elsewhere? Here are ten tips for creation your home page a winner:

1) Don't keep them waiting. Obey the "Eight Agree with Rule" (the one that says your Web page must load in eight seconds or less even over slower modems). Or else the viewer will doubtless lose patience and click the "stop" button.

2) Classify yourself. The first order of commerce is to categorize your circle and goods or services. Let the viewer know they've here at the right destination and give them an idea of what you have to offer.

3) Make a good first impression. Your color scheme, design, graphics, and text be supposed to all be part of the cause to a beneficial first consciousness and convey the right corporate image. Your site visitors will almost certainly choose surrounded by 5 to 10 seconds whether to stay and look around, so you've got to keep them interested.

4) Afford a preview. Use links, text and graphics to give the viewer an idea of your website's stuffing and advance them to explore the rest of your site.

5) Don't make a splash. Don't make your first page a "splash page" (meaning a large diagrammatic containing a small amount or no text that's intended to act as a gateway to the rest of your site). Your visitors won't be impressed and neither will the examination engines.

6) Lead the way. Endow with evident ways for your visitors to move to the a mixture of sections of your website (links, a site map, site examination feature, etc. ). You want them to come in and look around, so make it easy for them to find their way.

7) Don't waste the space. A check broadcast doesn't give you a lot of space, so use the free space for contented with the greatest bang for your home page -your artifact line, main benefits, competitive advantage, etc.

8) Don't link away. You work hard to get citizens to visit your home page, so don't lose them right off the bat by generous them the occasion to link away to a new site. Put equal links, ads, etc. on other pages deeper contained by your site.

9) Start selling. From the instant a visitor arrives at your home page, you be supposed to begin important them about the sale. Write concise but brawny copy that goes clear of decisive to advertising and emphasizes profit to the user. Believe redistribution a distinctive offer on your breach page.

10) Be kind to examination engines. As well as precise title, description, and keyword meta tags in your HTML code, plus germane content, will go a long way en route for in receipt of your site indexed by the book by hunt engines, and that will lead visitors to your virtual doorstep. Bring to mind that many hunt engines use "spiders" to explore your website automatically, so your home page must comprise links to the other sections of your website.

Jane McLain is a Web developer and SEO specialist and the webmaster of EClaunchsite. com, an online reserve concentrate for netrepreneurs with tools and in a row to help you plan, build, launch and grow your e-business.


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