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In today's world, a web site is close to mandatory for any doing well business. But there are web sites that will win you customers, and there are web sites that will lose you customers. Good aim has a lot to do with which kind your web site will fall into. But what is it that makes good or bad web site design? In my not public opinion, a good web site is one that's simple, informative and gives me a basis to come back frequently. That's what you must get from a good web designer/writer team. Bad sites, on the other hand, are difficult to use, slow loading, baffling or just plain annoying. Here's a list of my own top 7 turn-offs as far as web site aim is concerned:

1. Slow loading pages

Studies have shown that you have less than ten seconds to grab a visitor's attention. If your web page hasn't complete loading inside that (very short) quantity of time, you might as well fail to remember about it. The main culprit I've found here are huge, slow-loading graphics, in particular when they are embedded in tables. If large similes are completely vital to presenting your business, agreement by accumulation thumbnails to the main page and allow the visitor to click on them to approach the main image. No one minds a longer loading time, as long as it's them who can make that choice.

2. No associate information

As I've previously mentioned in my commentary "Do's and don'ts of web site copy", one of my pet peeves is a web site that has no associate in a row clear form the main page. If I can't get in touch with a business cursorily and easily, probability are that I'll go to the competition. My guidance is to have a whole page enthusiastic to acquaintance in a row - address, phone, fax, email, and first a map of where you can be found (remember item #1, although - no huge graphics!) And please, don't use a detailed to ceremony that in a row in a above all adroit way. I like to copy and paste that in sequence candidly from the web page to my commerce management program. If I can't do that, you'll possible never hear form me - and all other customers who do the same!

3. Arduous to navigate

Don't try to be adept with navigational features. Down-to-earth text links or, if you prefer, quick-loading graphics are effortlessly good means of allowing a visitor to follow the map your site. Whatever thing that requires interactive navigation, like menus that develop into sub-menus, sub-sub-menus and so on, is more an sign of a wrong in a row architecture than of a true need for convoluted navigational features.

4. Non-HTML features

Don't get me on track on this one. I've got a firewall on my computer, and my browser is set to block all those a small amount nasty effects that can mess with my PC. As a conclusion I come diagonally many a site that won't ceremony or behave properly, since it relies on skin texture like JavaScript, Cookies, Interactive Headers or Java Applets. None of these are de rigueur to build a good web site, and except you want your web site to lose you aptitude customers, you shouldn't use them. Or, if you categorically have to, make sure that they are not central parts of the web site!

5. Huge display page

Another pet peeve of mine. As mentioned earlier, you have less than ten seconds to get your idea across. Now guess how many visitors are going to wait longer than that just to watch a fancy animation? 'Nuff said.

6. Pop-up ads

A huge turn-off as far as I'm concerned. As a be of importance of fact, I've got a pop-up blocker installed on my PC, so if your web site tried to tell me a little critical via a pop-up window, I'd never even see it. If you feel that you have to use pop-ups, bear in mind going for the less interfering (and annoying) pop-under windows instead.

7. Sideways scrolling

Not all and sundry has a keep an eye on with the same check out answer as you, so make sure that your web site displays on monitors with a lower decision exclusive of forcing your visitor to scroll sideways. It's a singularly exasperating thing, and probability are that you'll lose those visitors very quickly. Or, if you have in rank in a article on the right side of your web site, it may austerely never arrive on the scene on the screen.

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