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Read the title of this condition over a duo of times in your head so it exceedingly starts to sink in.

So what does this title especially mean. Well, there's no beating about the bush with this one. . . it means faithfully what it says.

If your site is NOT an order-pulling, money-sucking mean apparatus then it's not exceedingly worth promoting your product, whether it's a killer effect or not.

It is vital that your site has a well-written and awfully brawny sales dispatch that will hook your prospects and reel them in like a fish.

Your goal is to walk your dig because of your sales communication as the crow flies to your order page where they will be so excited, they would have previously whipped out their accept card from their wallets.

"Your Site MUST Authority Visitors To Buy"

Now ask by hand this. . . "I have an amazing consequence but do I certainly have a killer converting website?"

If you're not actually sure, take a look at your web stats:

- How many exclusive visitors did your site be given last month?
- What's the be around time spent on your sales page per visitor?
- How many ancestors clicked onto your order page but didn't order?
- Most importantly, how many visitors in reality ordered?

Armed with this information, you can now look at how well your site is the stage and how you can advance your site's conversion rate.

As you maybe well know, the commerce accepted conversion rate is 1% which is not bad, but then again not that good either.

If your site is converting under 1% then it needs critical and close awareness since you're trailing a lot of money, more so if you have a high transfer site.

Let's just take a look at a quick example, so you can see it more clear in black and white.

Let's say your site converts a 0. 5% and you only catch 100 exceptional visitors per day. Your creation sells at $97.

This means that you're approximately promotion half a creation a day, an arithmetic mean of 15 sales per month, right?

100 visitors per day x 30 days = 3,000 visitors per month.
3,000 x 0. 5% = 15 (15 sales per month)

15 sales x $97 = Monthly pay of $1,455

This is categorically NOT a killer site. It would need major time spent on creating a high converting sales letter.

Now, let's say you have your in progress sales epistle scrapped and a brand new one bent that converts at 1. 5%

How does this assume your monthly income? Let's take a look.

100 visitors per day x 30 days = 3,000 visitors per month. 3,000 x 1. 5% = 45 (45 sales per month)

45 sales x $97 = Monthly pay packet of $4,365

$4,365 - $1,455 = $2,910

That's just about an extra $3,000 per month devoid of generating any extra transfer to your site.

Do you see how athletic a well-written sales communication can be.

It doesn't be important what kind of artifact you're promotion and it doesn't inevitably have to be a marketing 'How To' product.

You could be promotion a artifact to do with travel, gardening, pets, music, sport, dating, cooking, it doesn't matter.

But what does be important is, if you want to see a pile of information in your inbox every cock-crow when you wake up, then your sales copy has to be nonentity short of order-pulling.

It MUST be a high sales converter or else you're exit a pile of cash on the table which must certainly be in your bank account.

So what conversion rate would I class to be a killer site. . . 1. 5%?

No. . . 1. 5% is good, but there is room for improvement.

What about 2%?

Now we're in receipt of somewhere. 2% is a great conversion, apparently 2. 5% is even develop and I'd be attractive happy if my site was converting among 2% and 2. 5% but personally, I still wouldn't class it as a killer site.

This is what I like to aim for. . . the 3% mark.

Now we're absolutely talking. I'd class a site converting 3% of it's visitors into paying customers as a killer site.

Personally, I fancy NOT to use sales dispatch generators but to write my sales calligraphy from accomplish abrasion first with a blank piece of paper.

I find that this gives me great scope and does not limit my creative juices as if I were to use a generator.

My websites have seen conversion rates as high as 3. 8% which I feel is appealing darn good.

Along with a able sales letter, it is advisable to have a characteristic set of graphics, so your site likes professional.

If your site has a class look to it, then your capability customers are more than liable to think that your creation is of high quality.

This can also advance sales dramatically for the reason that as a conceive of of your consequence makes it look like a real corporal effect that they can get their hands on.

People like to see effects ahead of they buy. So when you show them a adventure of your product, this will amplify it's perceived value exclusive your prospects head and this will amplify your sales.

By using world-class website graphics, some marketers have qualified a conversion rate amplify of over 400%.

A class looking website, delightful to the eye and an amazingly able sales dispatch when put together, will coin a site that will affect prospects to buy.

Copyright 2005 OneForce Marketing

Steve Tanner has been marketing online since 2002 and has bent many best-selling products. His most recent assignment is a brand new assistance called Sites That Affect and is sure to be a new online hit. Just go to: http://www. SitesThatInfluence. com


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