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Don't make a splash!

Are you belief about using a get water on page when you conceive a web site? You would be wise to think again.

What is a dash page?

Generally, it is a fancy appearance decorative which requires your visitor to click in order to enter the main home page of your web site. It may comprise a movie-like presentation with lots of sound property and moving, flashy, enthusiastic graphics. These are often formed using a expertise called Macromedia Flash.

Top three reasons

Here are the top three reasons why you shouldn't use a dash page when you conceive a web site:

1 - Your visitor's don't like them

According to test conducted by web site examination firm Marketing Sherpa, 80% of visitors surveyed favorite a web site devoid of an access broadcast page. One quote by a appraise responded summed it up: "When pointed the web, my most direct alarm in in general time, how quick I can find/do it. " Since a display page just takes up your visitor's time not including as long as real and beneficial information, they in the main don't like them.

2 - They are slow to load on a dial up connection

Even although the world is at a snail's pace affecting to fast broadband connections, there are still millions upon millions of web users who fix to the internet using slower dial up connections. Putting a display page on your web sites makes them wait - in effect, putting a block amid them and your ability to award them with information. Why would you want to do that?

3 - Exploration engines by and large can't read display pages

While know-how is evolving, the exploration engines like Yahoo and Google hunt and index the text on your web site. If you don't afford text (meaning you have only a graphical get water on page), the hunt engines may not be able to find your web site - and that means that your ability visitors won't be able to find you either.

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