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The capacity to coin simple, appealing and functional web pages is a approvingly profitable skill. There is a huge and growing ask for websites and web content, especially for less important organizations who often can't allow to hire a full-service web aim firm.

Readers often ask me whether it's crucial to take expensive web aim courses or to learn HTML right away to get started in this niche. Is there a cheaper way of erudition these skills?

If I were in your shoes, my best investment would be to learn how to use a accepted and well-supported website conception software package.

Notice that I said "popular and well-supported. " There are plenty of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web page creators out there that allow you to cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop your way to build simple, efficient websites.

For instance, you could check out programs such as the 123 WysiWyg HTML Editor at http://www. 123wysiwyg. com

Mozilla Composer is an HTML (Hypertext Chalk up Language) editor that allows you to conceive and edit web pages. Check it out at http://www. mozilla. org/products/mozilla1. x/

Easy Web Editor (http://www. easywebeditor. com/ ) is another low-cost alternative under $100.

Several Internet "gurus" have fashioned their own software packages. Jim Edwards, for instance, is promoting his "mini site creator" (http://www. minisitecreator. com ) program right now on the web and by means of affiliates.

Many Internet Advantage Providers (ISPs) such as ww. godaddy. com offer their own easy website conception tools. These are fine if you if are a hobbyist or small affair owner, and only want to create down-to-earth websites for your own use. But if you want to become a certified website designer, and finally offer your skills and military to other small affair owners, you will have to be able to build more classy sites, with more bendable designs and features.

So the key questions you have to ask are, "Am I using a program a certified would use? Will it be about five years from now?"

Years ago I chose Microsoft's FrontPage WYSISYG website editor. I knew that I would not be able to learn all the skin the code had right away, but could construct down-to-earth web sites for my affair using the basics, then learn more, a little bit at a time.

I also figured that Microsoft was going to be about for a while, and that webpage construction was an area of affair they would want to compete in. So FrontPage would be well-supported for years with new versions, mechanical support, user forums, etc.

That has all been true. However, FrontPage seemingly has its quirks in the way it generates HTML code. Today, the best software box that I keep audible range about in the WYSIWYG category - and one used by authority website designers as well -- is a code called Dreamweaver, by Macromedia.

There are Dreamweaver versions free for both the Mac and the PC, which is important. If you learn the agenda on a PC, you'll still be customary with the same tools used by the Mac world, which is the dominant platform for the decorative arts community.

You can learn about Dreamweaver at: http://www. macromedia. com/software/dreamweaver/ There is even a free trial option, so you can check out the software. And no, I'm not earning any associate commissions by recommending this to you.

Dreamweaver will have far more skin tone than you can possibly wrap your mind about at first. The trick is to use any tutorials incorporated with the software, plus any free online tutorials (do a google search) and teach manually how to conceive simple, clean web pages at first. Then you can in stages learn about other features, such as using tables, more complicated formatting, etc.

From now on, as you surf the web, bookmark sites you like or designs you like, and keep them in a elite folder as examples you'd like to model. There's no nearer or advance way to learn than by modeling success.

Launch your casual web aim carry out by shop your own website with Dreamweaver. If you have Internet access, your Internet bringer previously gives you from 5-10 MB of web space as part of your subscription. So you can custom on your first website there, at no further cost.

For an opening investment of $399, you can befit an connoisseur using a authority tool. Once you're assertive enough, build your own commerce site, with your own province name, and promote your armed forces as a web designer. I advocate using www. godaddy. com to chronicle your new company's province name and host your site. It can cost you less than $50 a year to do both.

You can get a professional-looking logo for your affair for $25 from www. gotlogos. com What other affair can you launch for under $500 that has the capability to earn tens of thousands of dollars per year?

And finally, purists and experts still advocate that you in the end be converted into to some extent customary with HTML, even if you use a WYSIWYG editor that hides all that HMTL code. Many professionals go in and "tweak" their web pages by hand, using HTML, to get closely the look they want.

There are some free tutorials existing to learn about HTML. Check out: A beginner's guide to HTML: http://archive. ncsa. uiuc. edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimerP1. html And http://www. w3. org/MarkUp/

The capability to construct attractive, clear-cut and functional web pages is a approvingly sought-after skill. Once you have bent your own site showcasing a few examples of your work, your first prospects will maybe be small businesses, consultants, and retail establishments in your area. Then, with experience, you can start doing work for better companies. There's a different benefit, too. You can work for anyone, anywhere, anytime, about the world, from your comfort of your home office.

Barnaby Kalan is an award-winning self-employed copywriter and author of Outsourcing Yourself: How to Turn Your Job Into a Business for Larger Wealth and Security. To get a free division from his hottest book, visit http://www. outsourcing-yourself. com


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