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A long, long time ago? In a galaxy far, far away?meta tags were the key module to examination engine rankings. Okay, it was about 2 years ago, but that's a long time in the Internet galaxy. Even though still relevant, the evil empire?er, Darth Google, has led a association by the exploration engines to de-emphasize their importance. In spite of this effort, meta tags are still important. They be a symbol of the only approach for a site owner to exert some be in command of over how pages are planned in examination engine results.

What The Heck Is A Meta Tag?

Meta tags are html code blocks that "tell" a hunt engine what a exact site page is about. Meta tags are not discernible on the pages of your site. You can, however, see them for most sites by clicking the "view" and then "source" tab on the Surveyor Browser.

Meta tags can be awkward to explain, so let's take a look at one of our client's sites.

BusinessTaxRecovery. com is planned in the digit 1 attitude on Yahoo and MSN if you do a exploration for "business tax articles. " The certain page is:

http://www. businesstaxrecovery. com/articles

The meta tags for this page are:

Business Tax Articles

The meta title is a crucial feature in scheming where your site is planned in examination engines. The title ought to consist of the keywords being emphasized on the page. In this case, we are annoying to come up under searches for "business tax articles". Since the page in reality lists such articles, the meta tag is easily "business tax articles".

Importantly, the meta title will be underlined in the examination results. A hunt for commerce tax articles on Yahoo finds our client in the come to 1 position. The link looks like this:

BUSINESS TAX ARTICLES [underlined] Business tax articles, IRS news and more. Turn overlooked deductions and credits into affair tax refunds at businesstaxrecovery. com. . . . Commerce TAX ARTICLES. Big business tax articles are added every week, so make sure to bookmark this page . . . www. businesstaxrecovery. com/articles. php

Meta Class Tag

The meta category tag appears under the title in the explore engine results. Habitual to our preceding example, the meta depiction is the text that is not underlined. Essentially, meta similes enlarge on the meta title and give the examination engine more keywords to consider.

One of the annoying belongings about explore engines is how they use meta descriptions. Most pick only a few sections of your description. When your link appears in the exploration results, the depiction may make diminutive if any sense. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about it.

Meta Keywords

Historically, meta keywords were the distinct most chief feature to in receipt of your site ranked under the accurate keywords. How times have changed. Google doesn't even look at them, while MSN and Yahoo give them hardly value. All and all, they are absolutely unimportant, but you be supposed to still add them to your meta tags. If nil else, it armed forces you to focus on the keywords you must have on the page.

In closing, every page of your site must have at least a meta title and description. Even though their value has diminished, they are still an crucial cause in the examination engine optimization process.

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