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ASP. NET is a new encoding framework from Microsoft for emergent next age band web Applications. It is a framework built on the Communal Expression Runtime and introduces a new archetype to server-side Web development.

There are quite a few recompense that ASP. NET offers, such as:

Performance: The code in print in ASP. NET is compiled, so above-board ahead it is a act boost. The code in print in . Net Framework is complied in Conventional Dialect Runtime. ASP. NET can take benefit of early binding, just-in-time compilation, automated source optimization, runtime profiling, computerized recollection management, enhanced omission handling, and caching services, right out-of-the-box, this improves the accomplishment ahead of you start coding. A conundrum with Web site's accomplishment is with data-access. For example, a catalog table will spend the best part of its execution time linking to the catalog and querying the information.

ASP. NET comes with a data-caching module. This data-caching module allows you to enumerate what data on an ASP page to cache and on what circumstances to empty the cache and re-query the data-store.

ASP. NET ships with Act Counters which coordination administrators can use to bring together concentration metrics. They can be used to amount the accomplishment of each a free case in point of an ASP. NET claim or all ASP. NET applications pooled on a computer

Tool Aid : Now you can drag-and-drop web gearshift like you do VB controls, double-click and write the attendant code for the control. ASP . NET wires XCOPY employment that requires no registration or stopping of the server, ropes dynamic DLL updates and extensible configuration using XML files.

Flexibility. For the reason that ASP. NET is based on the Collective Idiom Runtime, the power and flexibility of that intact platform is made free to web attention developers. The Collective Dialect Runtime's Base Class libraries, Messaging, and Data Admission solutions are all seamlessly available from the web. ASP. NET is also language-independent, so you can elect a idiom that best applies to your application, or partition your attention crosswise many languages. Further, Collective Expression Runtime interoperability guarantees that your offered investment in COM-based education is preserved when migrating to ASP. NET.

ASP. NET at present offers built-in assist for three languages, C# (pronounced "C Sharp"), Visual Basic, and JScript.

ASP. NET is altered from ASP in two major ways:

ASP. NET offers more than a few programmatic enhancements over ASP, such as, Compiled ASP. NET Scripts, Caching: Post-Back Forms: Head waiter Controls, and Deployment. ASP. NET offers a alter in brainwashing fundamentals. ASP followed practical blueprint of creating pages. (e. g. ; lets take a form which takes user in rank and then authenticates the user. Here we would by and large conceive a form, which receives the user in a row in the first page, and then in the back page we would course of action the user album for confirmation in ASP. ) ASP. NET is a new encoding framework from Microsoft for increasing next cohort web Applications. It is a framework built on the Communal Foreign language Runtime and introduces a new archetype to server-side Web development

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