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In culture webpage design, I encountered many troubles that took lots of apply to resolve. Although, I was shop web pages using Microsoft Frontpage on my home computer, I used to face lots of issues after uploading the webpage to my website.

One major challenge was the evaporation of an image file from the webpage. When I fashioned the webpage on my home computer, it looked accurately the way I intended it. Both the text and imagery showed on the webpage.

When I uploaded the webpage my web head waiter space, they similes showed as the communication X in the central of a blank frame.

After lots of searches, I found out that the badly behaved can only be fixed by modifying the HTML of the web page having the problem.

The HTML code I had to adjustment was very austere and arranged forward, when locating the code connected to the image.

Whether the webpage has one or more image, you use the same approach to alter the code. You just have to fix one at a time.

The rule for an image to arrive on the scene correctly, is to save the imagery in the same almanac as the webpage where the image is assumed to appear.

Whether you construct a webpage on your home mainframe or your web server, the same rule applies.

When you upload the webpage to the web server, the website looks at the webpage an sees the image find as the hard disk of your computer. This is why it can't demonstrate it. The image basis be supposed to be in the address list on the website.

Here is the answer to this problem:

Every image file on a webpage is embedded in the IMG tag, and the exact position of the image file shows as a value for the SRC attribute. For example, SRC = "image. jpg" is one of the configure that an image appears in.

Correcting the SRC value, will accepted the badly behaved that causes the descriptions to show as the dispatch X. The SRC tag attribute means the font place of the image file. When the webpage was intended on your home computer, the font value was your laptop hard disk.

In summary, ahead of you upload a webpage with picture, you ought to adjust the Html code of the image.

All what you need to adjustment is the SRC value from your hard disk to your website directory.

For example: Adjustment this code SRC="C:image. jpg" to SRC="index. html" if the webpage happens to be your home page. If the page was not the home page, you can just put back index. html with the name of the page.

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