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If you'd like to create/maintain a website, having some HTML data is basic in order to build a accepted page on the web. Education the HTML basics is easy and ought to take less than an hour.

First you'll need some type of software/editor to conceive your html pages. Here's a few to try out (or not) and see which you feel most comfortable with.

Editors for Hand Coding:

(http://www. notepad. org) Notepad - This easy-to-use HTML editor is FREE (for Windows edition 2. 0 and above). If you are concerned in erudition how to code by hand then this editor is abundantly recommended. It is not disorderly with tons of skin texture and is handy for all scripting languages, html, perl, php, etc.

Advanced Basis Code Editors:

These editors are analogous to Notebook by allowing you to conceive your webpage via hand coding, but they help to speed up the administer of coding by hand with facial appearance such as grammar highlighting, spell checking, international find/replace, code libraries, code snippets, file explorers, page previews, and much more. Ideal for all scripting languages.

(http://www. alleycode. com) AlleyCode - This award award-winning HTML editor is fast and comes with many great features. You can view your development in real time using it's Synchro View feature. A further great editor if you want to learn to code by hand, comes with handy code snippets. Chains all scripting languages. Alleycode is FREE!

(http://www. evrsoft. com/download. shtml) 1stPage - This html editor comes packed with many facial appearance you won't even find in the high-priced editors, and it's free. This editor is complete for everyone, from novice to expert. Some of it's facial appearance include, 400+ javascripts, 15 dhtml scripts, 17 perl scripts, 6 html scripts, 2 cgi scripts.

(http://www. macromedia. com/software/homesite) Macromedia HomeSite - $99 (Free 30-day trial). HomeSite provides a lean, code-only editor for web development. Complex coding skin allow you to at once conceive and adjust HTML, CFML, JSP, and XHTML tags, while enhanced productivity tools allow you to validate, reuse, navigate, and configure code more easily.

WYSIWYG: (What You See Is What You Get) I do not face-to-face advise using these. Analyze being that the code can be messy, avoidable tags can get put in, and most importantly, the code will NOT be valid. Valid code is central for a accurately functioning, SEO-friendly webpage. Once you learn how to hand code you can use these editors to save time and just go over the find code and clean it up to be sure it's valid.

WYSIWYG is a type of editor/software which allows the user to see the web page as it's being created. In other words, you can drag and drop descriptions faithfully where you want them, place text where you want it and not certainly have to deal with the code side of creating a web page.

(http://www. macromedia. com/software/dreamweaver) DreamWeaver 8 - Free to try; $399 to buy. By and large known as the best of the WYSIWYG editors. Comes with an easy to use interface, lingering CSS support, credentials FTP.

(http://office. microsoft. com/en-us/FX010858021033. aspx) FrontPage 2003 - 30 Day Free Trial, $199 to buy. While being a admired alternative and normally used, FrontPage is also known to be the source of bloated, messy, null code, you're best not to use this program. Skin add in the capacity to upload your web site not including requiring an FTP program, hit counters, criticism forms, and more.

(http://www. adobe. com/products/golive/main. html) GoLive - $399. Adobe GoLive CS2 software lets you unlock the power of CSS with intuitive visual tools such as prebuilt CSS matter that you can drag and drop to build classy sites. Jump-start your designs by by a long shot converting Adobe InDesign layouts into Web pages. Or, blueprint Web and itinerant comfortable in an advanced, standards-based coding environment.

To learn HTML it's best to make use of the tutorials accessible at such sites as (http://www. w3schools. com/html/default. asp) W3Schools and (http://webmonkey. wired. com/webmonkey/authoring/html_basics) WebMonkey. That's how I learned. Also be sure to check out these admirable HTML resources, (http://www. websitetips. com/html) Website Tips and (http://www. htmlgoodies. com) HTML Goodies. To do the HTML tutorials I would give advice using Pad or one of the difficult basis code editors planned above.

Colleen Chard is a certified web designer based in the superior Toronto, Ontario Canada area. She has been manipulative websites since 2001 and runs her own online affair Kalina Web Designs, http://www. kalinawebdesigns. com. Colleen is also the webmaster of many other web sites together with Encyclopedia Source, http://www. directorysource. info, and Apex Templates, http://www. apextemplates. com.


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